Energy Efficient Patio Door Glass

energy efficient patio doors

How Efficient is Patio Door Glass

Below you will see an image from Pella, one of the most high-quality glass manufacturers in the market today. Windows and glass doors have come a long way from the humble beginnings of flat glass being put into the frame with a glazing putty. Now, most homes come with dual pane glass which is by itself more energy efficient but add to that the different types of Low-E glass they use in windows and glass doors nowadays.

Pella Window Energy Guide for Glass

Types of Low-E Glass for Glass Doors

There are many types of Low-E. The biggest window and door manufacturing plants have some of their own styles but they are pretty similar. Big companies like Cardinal Glass have a lowe glass for all different tints. They all do the same thing but you can customize the look and strength of your glass. Some people might want the most protection possible if they live in a climate like Phoenix Arizona or Florida. Sunny places have a higher percentage of people using the darker shades. Although the tint of the glass is still very slight, the greenish and bluish colors which are the most common give a very nice elegant look to the home. For people that want more of a clear glass look, they have comfort Low-E types of glass that appear as more clear while still providing a higher level of efficiency than standard clear glass.

Where to buy Energy Efficient Glass for Sliding Doors

If you are wanting to replace the glass in your existing sliding door you won’t find this type of replacement at Lowes or Home Depot. You will have to call a Sliding Glass Door Replacements Company like Valleywide Glass in Phoenix or Glass Mogul in Mesa. For people not in the Phoenix Arizona area you should go to google and search for local glass contractors in your area.

Energy Loss Between Single and Dual Pane

Another thing to consider when researching the most energy efficient glass for your patio door would be single and dual pane. Many older homes still have single pane sliding patio doors or the old style French doors with many small single panes of tempered glass. This is a single pane of tempered glass instead of two panes in thickness. The 2 panes add another layer of insulation so even a clear glass dual pane will be a lot better than the old style single panes that many people have. Another note is it’s very rare to see low-e Glass on a single pane. The reason is that the Low-E coating is sprayed onto the glass in a secure factory while it’s being manufactured. They do have what’s called Hard Coat Low E which can be applied to a single pane and stand up to the weather and other environmental conditions.