Running AC All Day

Is it Ok To Run Your Air Conditioner All Day?

changing out air conditioner in a home

While we all love summertime, sometimes the heat can get extremely uncomfortable. Air conditioners are very important in cooling your indoors. But, is it ok to run your AC all day? This is a very tricky question. However, we all agree that our HVAC system can drive up our electricity bill by running all day.

Your air conditioning system cannot also attain the set temperature when it runs nonstop. This makes you uncomfortable the whole day. If your system is running all day, one of these problems that may need to be fixed may be affecting it.

The air is not enough for the HVAC

Air is vital for the machine to attain the set temperature. Try to think of your unit as a breathing machine. It will inhale warm air from your house and exhale cold, dry air. If the conditioner does not reach the set temperature, it means that it’s not getting enough warm air, sufficient for it to provide cooling air for you.

Having a refrigerant leak

A refrigerant is what soaks ups the high temperature from inside your house and takes it outdoors. If it has a leak check for sounds coming from your air conditioner, vents blowing hot air and presence of ice on your A/C.

Hire a professional to repair the leak and recharge the system with the required amount of refrigerant.

Blocked evaporator and condenser cells

The evaporator cells soak up heat from the air while the capacitor cells dispense the heat outdoors. If one the two or both are not working properly, the air conditioner will run all throughout because heat is not absorbed and distributed properly.

Check the a/c for the following:

• A noticeable layer of dirt or dust on the condenser or evaporator coils.

• Warm air leaking from the vents

• Shrubbery leaves and sticks that are blocking your condenser coils

To solve this, ensure that your outdoor unit has room for enough air. Also, keep trees and fences at least two feet away from your unit.

Undersized air conditioner

For the best cooling effect, ensure that your air conditioner is not too small for your home. Usually, air conditioners are classified according to how much temperature they can get rid of from your house. Thus, a small A/C will not get the job done and will leave you uncomfortable.

Check the A/C for the following:

The professional who sized the system needed for your house did not size it correctly. It is not sufficient for your home.

The vents produce cold air, and the A/C is functioning correctly, but your house is still uncomfortable.

If the company you contracted did not get the sizing right, contact them for re-installation.

That said, if you need an upgrade conditioner for a newly renovated house, have a professional contractor substitute your current unit with one that matches your new home’s cooling needs.

Worn Out Air Conditioner

Wine gets better with age, but not air conditioners. The older a unit gets, the less efficient it will be. If your machine literary never stops running, then maybe all it needs is a replacement. If you need ac replacement you can contact are reputable HVAC contractor who will offer top-notch services and charge fairly.